Definition of Peking duck in US English:

Peking duck


  • A Chinese dish consisting of strips of roast duck served with shredded vegetables and a sweet sauce.

    • ‘There were 5 large silver platters teeming with fabulous food; Peking duck, shrimp in a spicy chile sauce, moo goo gai pan, a beef and vegetable number, and delicious fried rice.’
    • ‘Maybe some people got cravings for Peking duck.’
    • ‘A ‘new’ section is Wraps with chicken, Peking duck and vegetable on offer.’
    • ‘The food varied from average to superb, with the salt and pepper quail, Peking duck dumplings and gingko nut sticky rice getting top marks.’
    • ‘The famous Peking duck was everywhere to been seen.’
    • ‘But when the Peking duck arrives, he at last focuses on the food and watches in admiration as the waiters carve the roasted bird, glazed in so many layers of molasses that it looks as though they are shattering a piece of lacquerware.’
    • ‘This 30-year-old restaurant is proud of its Peking duck, and about 20 of them go on the table every day.’
    • ‘He taught me how to cook Peking duck using traditional Chinese techniques.’
    • ‘One member of our group was encouraged to try Peking duck, which symbolizes good wishes.’
    • ‘The Peking duck with plum sauce and pancakes was perfect and the deep fried squid with chilli and garlic simply divine.’
    • ‘My bulging stomach gives it away obviously, and the Peking duck I have been stuffing myself with these last three days must have raised the cholesterol level.’
    • ‘Locals talk about sushi, feta cheese and tiramisu with casual familiarity and can probably discuss the finer qualities of Peking duck.’
    • ‘Lean slices of Peking duck are lavished with tart cherries.’
    • ‘The restaurant's special roast chicken is flash-fried, then served under a blizzard of fried garlic stems, and tastes like a poor man's rendition of Peking duck.’
    • ‘The suckling pig, which took nearly half an hour to prepare, had the honied lightness of good Peking duck.’
    • ‘Crispy aromatic duck with pancakes is the most popular dish on Chinese menus throughout Britain, in spite of being a hybrid dish that combines the traditional presentation of Peking duck with the twice-cooked technique of Sichuan duck.’
    • ‘If you're serving bone-in items such as ribs or Peking duck, plan on a pound for every two guests.’
    • ‘I was in Australia and Hong Kong, if you want to know, and in one of those two places ate the best Peking duck I have ever eaten, and in the other no Peking duck at all.’
    • ‘Today, the neighborhood boasts some of the worst kitchens that ever made a Peking duck.’
    • ‘After all, my condescension was based almost solely on those childhood experiences in Oklahoma, a state much better known for chicken-fried steak than for Peking duck.’


Peking duck

/ˌpēkiNG ˈdək//ˌpikɪŋ ˈdək/