Definition of peg leg in US English:

peg leg


  • 1An artificial leg, especially a wooden one.

    • ‘Crowe's character is portrayed as such an impossible underdog that I'm surprised they didn't give him polio or a peg leg, or, better yet, no arms.’
    • ‘The soldier notes that the pirate has a peg leg, a hook and an eye patch.’
    • ‘His shoulders relaxed, and he wiped his hands on the towel draped over his shoulder and stumped forward on his peg leg.’
    • ‘I would throw a hoop over a stick at the carnival and then a man with one eye and a peg leg would give me a goldfish.’
    • ‘He hobbled over to her dragging his rags stumbling sometimes on his peg leg.’
    • ‘Across from the parrot was a statue of a pirate captain, one eye covered with a patch, his red coat covered in brocade and one of his legs, predictably, replaced by a wooden peg leg.’
    • ‘Surrounded as I was by glass eyes and peg legs, this did not seem strange.’
    • ‘It seems that whenever she gets a little tired of hopping with her peg leg, she will flop wherever she happens to be.’
    • ‘Staff from Thames Water are preparing parrots, peg legs and eye patches for their 10th charity pantomime.’
    • ‘Every morning, he left home on his peg leg and hobbled noisily into town to beg; he would return in the evening.’
    • ‘Morris was tall and handsome, which helped him cut a swath; in a perverse way, the peg leg apparently helped too.’
    • ‘I'd just like to let you know that I have a peg leg now!’
    • ‘The story goes that during construction, Maxwell hobbled around Southern Hills on a peg leg, wobbling like Charlie Chaplin.’
    • ‘I remember seeing him at 4-years-old in Fishgard, Wales with a peg leg and a big top hat.’
    • ‘The uneven step of the man told Will that he had a peg leg.’
    • ‘Everything in the world is a toy to your dogs; they see absolutely no difference between a rubber pink chewable ring and your new peg leg!’
    • ‘The former shows a man with a peg leg sitting in a gold-tasseled chair and staring into space.’
    • ‘Footsteps sounded on the old floorboards, one set shuffling, and a steady thud that might be a peg leg or a cane.’
    1. 1.1derogatory A person with an artificial leg.
      • ‘By that time, I was purely convinced that this Miles fellow was surely a peg leg of sorts with like, an eye patch and messed up teeth, and a bad chili-bowl haircut.’


peg leg

/ˈpeɡ ˌleɡ//ˈpɛɡ ˌlɛɡ/