Definition of peerless in English:



  • Unequaled; unrivaled.

    ‘a peerless cartoonist’
    • ‘Greater men than I have spun through this door, including Winston Churchill and countless other dignitaries that made this peerless palace a favourite escape from the freezing winters of northern Europe.’
    • ‘You can see instantly why he is peerless in British politics.’
    • ‘He was a peerless expert on the region beyond the Mississippi, as well as a prominent scientist and ethnologist.’
    • ‘My consultants currently read Harry as a modern-day knight, peerless and beyond reproach.’
    • ‘It is this extraordinarily potent combination which gives his work its peerless quality, his stories are driven by words and a mythic past but are also rooted in modern experience and uncertainty.’
    • ‘Although the book is peerless in terms of its examination of publishing, there is still a lack of comparative data, both within the industry and between publishing and other industries.’
    • ‘You experience a thriving mix of Maori, forestry, arts and crafts, a champion Maori rugby team, Tolaga Bay knitwear, peerless beaches and matchless surf.’
    • ‘With its sophisticated challenges and peerless animation, the film is close to being a masterpiece.’
    • ‘Sadly, his almost peerless skill in the saddle was matched until two years ago by a seemingly relentless ability, mostly alcohol-induced, to kick himself in the head.’
    • ‘For almost half a century, Updike - modern America's peerless prose-poet of the everyday - has exhibited a dazzling flair for depicting actuality in all its sensuous vividness.’
    • ‘Compellingly perfect, it's why this album's so peerless.’
    • ‘And so he continues; playing with our perceptions of context and meaning in works of breathtaking beauty and peerless draughtsmanship.’
    • ‘Yet her first two records still sound peerless.’
    • ‘The members like their course manicured like no other; the members enjoy their almost peerless wine cellar; the members like paying only $100 per night to stay in the club grounds.’
    • ‘The wonderfully rounded performances on his early discs, when peerless technique was wedded to Apollonian refinement, now seem to belong to another age entirely.’
    • ‘He doesn't think of himself as having a peerless reputation, he just thinks of himself as being a good runner.’
    • ‘But Real's peerless record goes beyond all that, their manifold achievements in the game as a whole transcend jealousy.’
    • ‘The latter player was to be very influential in the backs, his distribution and kicking being quite peerless all afternoon - he kicked six out of six conversions and deservedly won the man-of-the-match award.’
    • ‘If you accept that the words ‘the greatest’ can only be used to mean completely peerless in their sport, then there are really only two candidates.’
    • ‘And while other artists might explore similar ground, the particular glory of Paterson's work is its peerless perfection.’
    incomparable, matchless, unrivalled, inimitable, beyond compare, unparalleled, unequalled, without equal, unmatched, beyond comparison, second to none, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, nonpareil
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