Definition of peelings in US English:


plural noun

  • usually with modifier Strips of the outer skin of a vegetable or fruit.

    ‘potato peelings’
    • ‘Fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds and egg shells can all be composted.’
    • ‘I finished off my tangerine and dumped the peelings into my lunch bag.’
    • ‘Provide worms with food wastes such as vegetable peelings.’
    • ‘The lawn isn't growing and we don't have enough veggie peelings to fill it.’
    • ‘And I rely on him to take potato peelings to the compost bin once a fortnight.’
    • ‘It is better to give them grain such as wheat and vegetation, for example potato peelings.’
    • ‘The garbage disposal in the pipe below the sink coped with the vegetable peelings and soft food garbage.’
    • ‘The peelings of the potatoes were littered all around her, and the shade of the pine tree provided some cool protection from the sun above.’
    • ‘He explained that items such as used tea bags, left over turkey and vegetable peelings - which were all binned - could instead have been put in a green bin and used to create compost.’
    • ‘All those vegetable trimmings, potato peelings and veggies from the table can all go on the compost heap.’
    • ‘Mr Flannery explained: ‘Each class has taken responsibility to store pencil parings and fruit peelings in a special compost bin.’’
    • ‘All our kitchen waste - potato and carrot peelings, egg shells, left-over bits of fruit - goes in a neat little bin which, when full, we take to the allotment and tip into the compost pile.’
    • ‘He got up suddenly, the pear peelings in one hand and a knife in the other.’
    • ‘Home composting is a great way of disposing of everything from tea bags and egg shells to fruit and vegetable peelings and the end product can be used as a soil conditioner in the garden.’
    • ‘We could turn potato peelings into compost instead of landfill.’
    • ‘Put the peelings, cores and any other trimmings into a small stainless-steel pot and just cover with cold water.’
    • ‘However once the technology becomes available it will also be used for kitchen waste, such as vegetable peelings, and cardboard.’
    • ‘Now is also a good time to start making your own home compost from fruit and vegetable peelings and fallen leaves or branches strewn around the garden.’
    • ‘For home composting, Angela uses all her vegetable peelings, small bits of paper and garden clippings.’
    • ‘Odors from your garbage disposal can be eliminated by grinding up orange, grapefruit or lemon peels while running hot water.’
    • ‘The sacks are for garden waste and kitchen peelings which will be collected by the district council for recycling and turning into compost.’