Definition of pedagogic in US English:



  • 1Relating to teaching.

    ‘they show great pedagogic skills’
    • ‘This volume's pedagogic use would be limited to those students for whom compiling a Christian contemporary worship library is important or for whom hymn improvisation is a goal.’
    • ‘Also adept at writing scientific popularizations and textbooks, and even science fiction, he published all told over five hundred technical, popular, and pedagogic books and articles.’
    • ‘They would also be offered the opportunity to spend time at a center for teaching effectiveness, working to strengthen their pedagogic skills with the guidance of master teachers.’
    • ‘It was not very difficult to replicate my first reactions the second time around - this became one of the new skills that I developed as an educator confronted with a pedagogic challenge.’
    • ‘In the spring of 1927 he headed off to Germany along with crates of paintings, pedagogic materials, and numerous unpublished manuscripts.’
    • ‘Yet given the current alternatives of bullying, harassment, physical assault, and killing, these fears can no longer justify the deafness of our current pedagogic practices.’
    • ‘Luke focuses less on issues of technology, and more on the pedagogic, administrative, and political conditions that a successful program of online education should be guided by.’
    • ‘Our pedagogic aims in answering this research question were to make the process of user testing visible to and comprehensible for as large an audience as possible.’
    • ‘In this regard, nurses have a major pedagogic role.’
    • ‘Because of their varied backgrounds, these teachers and professionals often use different theoretical and applied didactic and pedagogic practices.’
    • ‘I have interpreted the available information with a pedagogic approach.’
    • ‘One must avoid past errors, ensuring that Emile's education bypasses traditional pedagogic prejudices.’
    • ‘This is factually incorrect and a million miles from the purpose of the policy which centres on the pedagogic issue of how best to support children to achieve their full potential.’
    • ‘That was arguably too prescriptive and pedagogic with insufficient human interest.’
    • ‘This image is incorporated in new pedagogic techniques.’
    • ‘Over the years, the supplementary materials have grown and the packaging has changed, but the essential pedagogic value has not.’
    • ‘Each of us will need to tap the best in her pedagogic resources, be it the use of journals, small group discussions, in class presentations, etc.’
    • ‘First, these will soon become the primary pedagogic instruments in classroom teaching.’
    • ‘As note 78 indicates, the metropolitan specialist has no sense of the pedagogic significance of the instruments.’
    • ‘As a pedagogic tool the value of such complex case studies is questionable.’
    educational, instructive, instructional, informative, informational, illuminating, doctrinal, preceptive, enlightening, edifying, improving, didactic, heuristic
    educational, educative, edifying, pedagogical, teaching, instructional, instructive, didactic, informative, informational
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    1. 1.1rare Of or characteristic of a pedagogue.
      • ‘This is not a pedagogic mind constrained by theory.’
      academic, educational, scholastic, professorial, pedagogical
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plural noun



Late 18th century: from French pédagogique, from Greek paidagōgikos.