Definition of pectinate in English:



  • See pecten

    • ‘They have long legs, and their inner toe, which is as long as the middle one, has a pectinate claw.’
    • ‘Many species have thickly feathered legs; their well-developed talons have a smooth edge on the claw of the third toe (in contrast to the pectinate claw of the tytonids), which is longer than the second toe.’
    • ‘The most striking difference is the elimination of the postcranially primitive clade of hominoids in the early Miocene in favor of a pectinate succession of taxa.’
    • ‘These three species form a pectinate, paraphyletic succession and may be considered a grade of evolution.’
    • ‘The dentate or pectinate line divides the squamous epithelium from the mucosal or columnar epithelium.’