Definition of peccary in US English:



  • A gregarious piglike mammal that is found from the southwestern US to Paraguay.

    Family Tayassuidae: two genera and three species, in particular the collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu)

    • ‘Finding one of these big peccaries all by itself and away from its herd was unprecedented in our experience.’
    • ‘The snout of peccaries has the same mobile cartilaginous disk and terminal nostrils as pigs.’
    • ‘From what scientists can tell, their preferred diet is deer and wild pigs called peccaries.’
    • ‘It cannot be swallowed whole, but some animals, such as the paca or the peccary, are able to open the seed with their teeth.’
    • ‘The park's peccaries, a type of wild boar, could be first to end up in the tiger's den.’


Early 17th century: from Carib pakira.