Definition of Peano axioms in US English:

Peano axioms

plural noun

  • A set of axioms from which the properties of the natural numbers can be deduced.

    • ‘So when the community accepts the postulate systems for arithmetic, including the Peano axioms, they commit themselves to the existence of numbers.’
    • ‘Why not just implement Peano's axioms in software and patent that?’
    • ‘It isn't clear why most of this discussion, along with a discussion of Peano's axioms and the writings of Leibniz even belongs in this book.’
    • ‘Bertrand Russell said Peano's axioms constitute an implicit definition of natural numbers.’
    • ‘In 1889 Peano published his famous axioms, called Peano axioms, which defined the natural numbers in terms of sets.’


Early 20th century: named after Giuseppe Peano (1858–1932), Italian mathematician.


Peano axioms

/pāˌänō ˈaksēəmz/