Definition of peace talks in US English:

peace talks

plural noun

  • A conference or series of discussions aimed at ending hostilities.

    • ‘The warring factions resume peace talks at the United Nations today.’
    • ‘They said peace talks with the rebels can best be held by a government appointed by the parliament, not by the king.’
    • ‘Isn't calling off peace talks because of a bombing just giving them what they want?’
    • ‘On Monday, the rebels issued five demands to the government to be met for resumption of the peace talks.’
    • ‘The plans for an interim government will be high on the agenda of the upcoming peace talks.’
    • ‘Moreover, even though peace talks are in progress, the government is still building up its military.’
    • ‘She declared the ceasefire to be illegal and cooperated with the military to undermine the peace talks.’
    • ‘Sudan may well agree to stop this military expansion after further peace talks this month.’
    • ‘The US may be tempted to try and impose a new round of peace talks on the region.’
    • ‘Your argument to justify your opposition to the peace talks is puerile.’
    • ‘His new government will not resume peace talks until the violence comes under control.’
    • ‘Reopening the bus service is the latest in a series of steps aimed at laying the groundwork for formal peace talks.’
    • ‘More than a dozen separate peace talks have failed to restore order and a central government.’
    • ‘It is supposed to be very like the one our princess was wearing when she was abducted at the peace talk.’
    • ‘These political conditions form the context for the peace talks and negotiations to seek a settlement to the war.’
    • ‘The government has had two rounds of peace talks with the rebels, but a third round is unlikely soon.’
    • ‘Can we say that the major powers intervened to arrange these peace talks?’
    • ‘As the peace talks progressed, they have conceded to settle for regional autonomy.’
    • ‘The rebels held two rounds of peace talks with the previous government.’
    • ‘Rebels walked out of peace talks and withdrew from a seven-month ceasefire last August.’