Definition of peace-loving in US English:



  • Inclined to avoid conflict or aggression.

    ‘a peace-loving citizen’
    • ‘I am a very peace-loving person.’
    • ‘His wife, Betty, earlier described her husband as eccentric but peaceloving and "not political at all."’
    • ‘We are a peace-loving nation.’
    • ‘The peace-loving citizens of Stodge City need a hero to save them from vicious gunfighter The Rumpo Kid.’
    • ‘All peace-loving people in the world should unite to combat these inhumane crimes.’
    • ‘All nations and all peace-loving organizations, including the United Nations, support this policy.’
    • ‘Baby boomers - who were teenagers in the peace-loving hippie '60s era - are the wealthiest generation yet.’
    • ‘A few modern historians have tried to portray Jefferson as sort of a hippie, born 200 years before his time, peace-loving, and impractical.’
    • ‘As I have asserted time and again, I am a staunch peace-loving lefty.’
    • ‘Although Scandinavian history had never been a household interest in her family, she chose to study how the Vikings became a peace-loving people.’
    • ‘Violence upon peace-loving individuals has never been difficult.’
    • ‘Hannah was a gentle, peaceloving girl who was never able to cope with raised voices and certainly not any threat of violence.’
    • ‘Can we argue that democratic states are more peaceloving than authoritarian states?’
    • ‘If not historically a peace-loving people, they have traditionally distrusted militarism.’
    • ‘Whether secular or spiritual in persuasion, peace-loving individuals share much in common.’
    unwarlike, non-belligerent, non-violent, non-combative, non-aggressive, conflict-free, easy, easy-going, placid, gentle, meek, mild, inoffensive, good-natured, even-tempered, amiable, amicable, friendly, affable, genial, civil, cooperative, conciliatory, pacific, pacifist, anti-war, dovelike, dovish
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