Definition of payout in US English:



  • A large payment of money, especially as compensation or a dividend.

    ‘an insurance payout’
    • ‘People habitually turn to bond trading as a safe haven and to insurance companies for payouts at times of great distress.’
    • ‘It is not intended to open the floodgates to petty claims against those bodies, nor will it lead to large compensation payouts.’
    • ‘The dividend payouts become more and more suspect the further down the table you go.’
    • ‘Other experts said compensation payouts could be as high at $10m per fatality.’
    • ‘Instead, he enjoys an annual payout that would pay off most people's mortgage.’
    • ‘In many cases, life insurance payouts will run into millions as many victims were top-financial sector workers.’
    • ‘An investor must be listed as a holder of record to ensure the right of a dividend payout.’
    • ‘He declined to give figures for the lowest payout or the average compensation.’
    • ‘If a company can't make a steady profit, it may not stick to its dividend payouts.’
    • ‘Another positive sign is that many companies have recently raised their dividend payouts.’
    • ‘Life insurance payouts and other sources of income would also be deducted from the claims.’
    • ‘This is especially true of those companies with strong cash flows and are able to maintain, if not lift, their dividend payouts.’
    • ‘Assume that you reinvest your dividends and capital gains payouts in shares of the fund.’
    • ‘However, just recently, the future dividend payouts at these companies have been thrown into turmoil.’
    • ‘Secondly, the ability to lift dividend payouts is usually an indication of strong cash flow and solid earnings.’
    • ‘Its current valuation is appealing and its dividend payout looks as robust as any of the major banks.’
    • ‘However, insurers say they need to see the results to prevent people cashing in unfairly on huge insurance payouts.’
    • ‘Dividend payouts can be reinvested to boost overall returns.’
    • ‘In this environment it is the dividend payout that has roared back into fashion.’
    • ‘They were forced to receive their payouts in monthly payments because the firm told them it couldn't afford to pay the cash in one lump sum.’
    payment, reward, recompense, consideration
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