Definition of paymaster in US English:



  • An official who pays troops or workers.

    • ‘In that case the paymaster of a military corps credited an officer's account with money to which he was not entitled.’
    • ‘It has resulted in the capture of 175 targets, including 46 bomb-makers and six paymasters.’
    • ‘Initially, most Afghan warlords regarded the Special Forces merely as paymasters, and were reluctant to let them go to the front lest they be injured or killed.’
    • ‘Some retired Gurkhas have claimed that despite their renowned contributions in Britain's military exploits they have been treated unfairly by their paymasters.’
    • ‘The military still had not released names but said the four included a Republican Guard corps-level chief of staff, a guard division commander and a paymaster for the militia.’
    • ‘Minor German states, meanwhile, were more prepared than ever to hire out troops to paymasters in London.’
    • ‘This has been a common occurrence throughout history - military parades were originally designed to prove to the paymasters that the troops actually existed and were properly equipped.’
    • ‘From 1862 through 1865 he served as a paymaster on a Union navy gunboat that traversed the bayous and rivers of southern Louisiana.’
    • ‘There must be a change of attitude in the paymasters so they can see the morality of honouring contracts and doing justice to those persons rendering services to the people.’
    • ‘So too, then, should their hosts, paymasters, and commanders: the leaders of these rogue states.’
    • ‘The workers have also seen through the game plan of their paymasters who have reduced them to the state of a mercantile product.’