Definition of pay up (or pay something up) in US English:

pay up (or pay something up)

phrasal verb

  • Pay a debt in full.

    ‘you've got ninety days to pay up the principal’
    • ‘Admission is by ticket only and no one can get in unless they are paid up and can produce their ticket.’
    • ‘They would pay a deposit on the item and then so much a week until it was paid up.’
    • ‘But Reilly paid it up over the months, waiting for the final payment before he took the camera home.’
    • ‘And if you have old debts, pay them up, until you are free of outstanding financial debts.’
    • ‘He also said that no one should play until all his or her fees are paid up.’
    • ‘The same applies to old life insurance policies where premiums have not been paid for some time, or where the policy is paid up but has been forgotten about.’
    • ‘It would be appreciated if contributions for the upgrading of this water scheme could be paid up by 26th June.’
    • ‘I have 18 months left on my contract there and if the manager wants me out then they will have to pay my contract up.’
    • ‘All my properties were sold, my taxes were paid up, a trust fund was set up for my children and whatever cash was left was spent on my legal fees at the original trial.’
    make payment, pay, settle up, pay in full, meet one's obligations, come up with the money
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