Definition of pay something back in US English:

pay something back

phrasal verb

  • Repay a loan to someone.

    ‘the money should be paid back with interest’
    with two objects ‘they did pay me back the money’
    • ‘The Council will also be legally bound to pay the loan back to the bank with interest.’
    • ‘It's true that loans are paid back in dollars that are more valuable than the ones borrowed.’
    • ‘If the loans are paid back on time, they could generate a profit for the bank, he said.’
    • ‘Part of the HUD loan would be paid back by the developers from property, sales and utility taxes.’
    • ‘Some put in several thousand pounds and all investors were warned that it might be many years before their money was paid back.’
    • ‘The scheme allows them to live in a house owned by the agency, and at the end of two years, almost 50% of the rent will be paid back.’
    • ‘As profits begin to flow, the loan will be paid back.’
    • ‘The European competition commission approved the loan last year provided it was paid back within a year.’
    • ‘He must spend the greater part of his time in the management of the company from the date of the investment until the loan has been paid back.’
    • ‘In the case of the €250,000, the monies were paid back, the relevant authorities were informed and it is believed that just 1% of the bank's clients were affected.’
    • ‘If students defer payment until after they finish university the fees are paid back through the tax system.’
    • ‘He noted that the three previous loans were paid back at the district's regularly scheduled Thursday night meeting.’
    • ‘Until the money is paid back, their wages are being garnished $856 a month.’
    • ‘All the while, they assure themselves the money will be paid back.’
    • ‘The loans will be paid back at variable interest over 17 years, he added; they are to be reviewed every six months.’
    • ‘The Crown has not had any involvement other than at the start, and that money was paid back.’
    • ‘Curiously, money ‘created out of thin air’ tends to disappear even when the loans are paid back.’
    • ‘Over the long run, the additional cost is paid back many times over in energy savings.’