Definition of pay scale in US English:

pay scale


  • A graded scale of wages or salaries paid within a particular organization or profession.

    ‘a disproportionate number of women are in the lower half of the pay scale’
    • ‘Compensation for agents is set by Congress on a pay scale that typically lags behind the private sector.’
    • ‘Recruitment and retention relies on more than a decent pay scale; nurses today are demanding supportive workplace environments.’
    • ‘Ballet and concert dancers are at the low end of the pay scale.’
    • ‘A year later the company had rehired everyone furloughed and restored the pay scale.’
    • ‘None of the staff have worked at the airline more than a few years, so the pay scale is fairly low.’
    • ‘There's an added incentive: its franchisor's commission pay scale is one of the highest in the tourism industry.’
    • ‘And the commissions were throwing the pay scale out of whack.’
    • ‘A new pay scale meant he could be earning up to £145,880 a year.’
    • ‘However a council statement said it could take a number of years for an individual to reach the top of their pay scale.’
    • ‘Executives in more established roles - finance, operations, human resources - generally slip in ahead of information chiefs on the pay scale.’
    • ‘The pay scale for each position varies depending on your level of experience.’
    • ‘Firstly, the new contract contains an iniquitous anomaly affecting consultants recently appointed at the bottom of the existing pay scale.’
    • ‘There seem to be changes in relation to the pay scale.’
    • ‘One example is the crew's pay scale, which Andy admits is higher than the local average.’
    • ‘He points out that in the past the only drawback was the pay scale, which has now been bumped up to competitive levels.’
    • ‘They often find it necessary to take jobs at the lower end of the pay scale.’
    • ‘Under the Labour Court proposals, clerical workers would reach the top of the pay scale in 20 years instead of 28.’
    • ‘The high cost of living and the low pay scale for service sector jobs have created widespread discontent.’
    • ‘He said savings made this year would help cover the costs of the new pay scale.’
    • ‘But yesterday they defended the new chief's pay scale.’