Definition of pay envelope in English:

pay envelope


North American
  • 1An envelope containing an employee's wages.

    • ‘Holding my breath I swept dust from them into three old pay envelopes I'd unearthed from my papers this morning.’
    • ‘Every two weeks, he lined up along with them and watched as they opened their slender pay envelopes.’
    • ‘I used to put only the money for the President into a pay envelope.’
    • ‘While non-teaching staff know they have a job until they receive a pink slip in their pay envelope, lecturers are hired for fixed periods-often for no more than a single term.’
    1. 1.1 A salary or income.
      ‘a company cutting pay envelopes’


pay envelope

/peɪ ˈɛnvəˌloʊp/