Definition of pawnshop in US English:



  • A pawnbroker's shop, especially one where unredeemed items are sold to the public.

    • ‘The generals and the contractors buy up beach property and own stock in the institutions that bankroll the pawnshops.’
    • ‘Our only used bookstore has gone, to be replaced by a pawnshop, of all things.’
    • ‘Like tax preparation services, pawnshops and auto dealers serve as middlemen for such loans.’
    • ‘She knew that she was in luck when she saw a small pawnshop tucked away in the corner of the alley.’
    • ‘Their business interests ranged from salt, iron, cotton, silk and tea to various financial endeavours, including pawnshops, private banks and account bureaux.’
    • ‘Well, a lot of this gear ends up in local pawnshops.’
    • ‘There are instant-finance places, pawnshops, and everything else.’
    • ‘Police also conducted an audit of local pawnshops to find stolen goods.’
    • ‘Resources could be spread over the year or week by credit from the local store or taking possessions to the pawnshop.’
    • ‘With business booming, local pawnshops take no chances.’
    • ‘In many states, pawnshops are the classic example.’
    • ‘He couldn't buy more than he already had, without having to take some of the items to other pawnshops or to auction houses.’
    • ‘One hundred and fourteen mobile phones were confiscated from the pawnshops.’
    • ‘Even in the lousiest of pawnshops it wouldn't have fetched anything worthwhile.’
    • ‘Second-hand stores and pawnshops in Vancouver send in 400,000 routine reports each year on the items they purchase.’
    • ‘Somebody in the Boston pawnshops might recognize her.’
    • ‘The medicinal shop just a few doors down from the pawnshop was a very small building.’
    • ‘I passed countless restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs, pawnshops, and apartment buildings as I made my way down the block.’
    • ‘I had to go in and out of pawnshops and drug stores every day for more than four years.’
    • ‘I love scouring pawnshops and Cash Converters, used book, CD and video stores.’