Definition of pawnbroker in US English:



  • A person who lends money at interest on the security of an article pawned.

    • ‘He should know, being a pawnbroker, moneylender, and devil masquerading as human.’
    • ‘Of course, it is clear that the pawnbroker made money out of the poor, but they provided a service where none existed and helped people out in the short term.’
    • ‘My intention, though against the law, was to take it to the pawnbrokers in exchange for money so as to buy myself some more time before starving to death.’
    • ‘In the past, when cash was scarce, spending patterns told us who had real cash as opposed to those who were on speaking terms with a pawnbroker.’
    • ‘Premises visited included 25 traditional jewellers, 34 gift shops, two department stores, eight clothes stores and three pawnbrokers.’
    • ‘He said that the credit union had seen an end of the loan shark and the pawnbroker, who for far too long, had gripped people in poverty.’
    • ‘Unable to get cheap credit on the high street, some of these people fall into the hands of pawnbrokers, impaired credit lenders and loan sharks.’
    • ‘Among the positions on offer: a pawnbroker's assistant at $17,000 per year and a truck driver at $524 per week.’
    • ‘If the pawnbroker gets no price, then the pawnbroker can look at other options.’
    • ‘People either saved up for major purchases or did without banks and relied on pawnbrokers, loan sharks and store credit instead.’
    • ‘Thus interest rate ceilings are not an effective means of controlling any threat of ‘monopoly’ power by pawnbrokers.’
    • ‘And pawnbrokers, those eager harbingers of depression, are on the rebound.’
    • ‘At that time, pawnbrokers purposely lowered the amount of money poor people received for pledges and shortened the time limit required to redeem their receipts.’
    • ‘The prize possession of a warm winter coat was taken down to the pawnbroker and left as security until the next wage came in.’
    • ‘There were 47 pawnbrokers in the Borough, 38 of whom dealt in gold and silver plate, and 55 persons carried on business as watchmakers.’
    • ‘I once had a desk in an office that overlooked a pawnbroker.’
    • ‘In a city boasting the lowest per capita income in Georgia, where one in three children live in abject poverty, pawnbrokers are as numerous as traffic lights.’
    • ‘Figures from the National Consumer Council show that one person in five is forced to borrow from pawnbrokers, cheque cashers or loan sharks - at an average rate of 177 percent.’
    • ‘The pawnbroker in turn resold the gold to a foundry, where it was recycled.’
    • ‘With some products becoming outdated within six months, clients are reluctant to reclaim these items, resulting in lost revenue for the pawnbrokers.’