Definition of paving stone in US English:

paving stone


  • A large, flat piece of stone or similar material, used in paving.

    ‘small plants grow between the paving stones’
    • ‘The only apparent difference was that this person took care not to disturb the grouting between the paving stones too much.’
    • ‘The reflecting pool and an abstract poem etched in paving stones attract visitors to one of Cleveland's most beloved institutions.’
    • ‘The council told him the bays would then overlap the paving stones, which would crack under the weight.’
    • ‘Then he dropped it, and stared once more at the paving stones.’
    • ‘Andre used square, unevenly shaped paving stones to create variations on closely grouped patterns forming a larger rectangle.’
    • ‘He also says that women fought among the men and even children threw bricks and paving stones at the Turks once they were inside the city.’
    • ‘Police launched an extensive investigation into the killing, with officers removing 17 paving stones from the site for forensic tests.’
    • ‘The Bulgarian, alleged to have been hit with a brick or a paving stone, had serious head injuries and was admitted to hospital in a coma.’
    • ‘For moderate traffic area, loose fill can be used in combination with paving stones to create attractive walkways.’
    • ‘But the road itself was not made of paving stones.’
    • ‘There are precast paving stones in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors that are perfect for borders.’
    • ‘Students spend their time on the school building site learning skills like building walls and laying paving stones.’
    • ‘A local children's playground was ‘smashed to pieces’ and the paving stones from the playground were then hurled at his officers.’
    • ‘Also, properly laid surfaces like paving stones or bricks will only need the occasional sweep or annual jet-wash to keep them looking good.’
    • ‘For this renovation, concrete paving stones were chosen for their unique look and adaptability.’
    • ‘The waters rise and wash the paving stones on the banks.’
    • ‘And it's the cheeky things, like setting up their little stepping stones, with my paving stones, that upset you as well.’
    • ‘Max ran around a corner, tripped on an uneven paving stone and tumbled to the floor.’
    • ‘The pavements are uneven and are a mishmash of different paving stones and Tarmac.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the government has buried electric and telephone cables and replaced old asphalt with paving stones.’


paving stone

/ˈpāviNG stōn//ˈpeɪvɪŋ stoʊn/