Definition of pavilion in English:



  • 1A building or similar structure used for a specific purpose, in particular.

    • ‘A timber pavilion was constructed at Station Road in the late 1920s but was razed to the ground after a fire destroyed it in 1967.’
    • ‘But there were no temples here, no pavilions thronged with devotees.’
    • ‘Despite their glassy, transparent nature, the upper floors of the pavilions house the more private precincts.’
    • ‘Architects from around the planet will show off their talents in pavilions, palaces, and warehouses across Venice.’
    • ‘They take the form of free-standing pavilions like terraces of houses, added progressively as classes move over.’
    • ‘From inside the main lobby, the building opens up to a magnificent two-acre pool in which three gallery pavilions reflect.’
    • ‘In an area of 4,000 square metres, about 260 temple rooms, towers and pavilions were built close together, tier upon tier, with verandahs and eaves.’
    • ‘My driver paused at Twin Dragon Bridge, a striking seventeen-arch structure with pavilions built in the 1700s.’
    • ‘The new pavilion resembles an art gallery more than a school, with its white-painted interior surfaces and hand-crafted feeling.’
    • ‘It will involve making the pavilions structurally sound as well as putting up two new glass structures, effectively creating one big building.’
    • ‘Finally, we headed for the scenic spots mentioned in every travel guide book - the local temples and pavilions.’
    • ‘Above ground will be five irregularly shaped glass-covered structures called lenses or pavilions.’
    • ‘The double-height hall beyond is an atrium between seaward and landward pavilions of the building.’
    • ‘The top level of the pavilion contains services, offices, meeting rooms and the obligatory sauna.’
    • ‘Another distinct type is the loft-style, two-unit pavilions for officers.’
    • ‘The house built about 300 years ago has pavilions, gardens and high walls.’
    • ‘It offers a huge range of venues from the smaller committee room and boardroom to large exhibition halls, a pavilion and a ballroom.’
    • ‘A special feature of this development is the purpose-built pavilion with two tennis courts.’
    • ‘Instead, passengers pass through a waterfront museum to a covered pavilion where they are processed.’
    • ‘A walk along the road made up of broad stones and surrounded by traditional houses and pavilions is like stepping back into the early 19th century.’
    1. 1.1A summerhouse or other decorative building used as a shelter in a park or large garden.
      • ‘We found our crew hanging around the park pavilion.’
      • ‘Young offenders responsible for vandalising some of Hull's most attractive areas have redeemed themselves by restoring a ruined pavilion in West Park to its former glory.’
      • ‘The absence of walls on the central pavilion allows in the soft sea breezes to waft through.’
      • ‘Two other large pavilions within the park are dedicated to group shows organized by the Biennale director and invited curators.’
      • ‘The pavilions and courtyards are dramatically arranged on a pair of rocky hills overlooking the Indian Ocean.’
      • ‘In the event, the practice has created a pastoral campus with pavilions, canals and groves of trees, in harmony with its surroundings.’
      • ‘As we approached the pavilion in the park, we could see hundreds of people talking and eating, and could hear live music and laughter.’
      • ‘The Grade ll listed glass pavilions at the gardens are one of the earliest examples of curvilinear glasshouses ever built.’
      • ‘Center stage is a pavilion surrounded by gardens.’
      • ‘We joined a handful of people standing on a viewing pavilion watching the mighty volume of water cascading and spraying to the river below.’
      • ‘Essentially a series of pavilions, the house offers intimate connections with the surrounding bush, juxtaposed with stunning Auckland vistas.’
      • ‘Bamboo pavilions, grass sheds and wooden bridges are placed along the path.’
      • ‘Chris pulled into a parking spot relatively close to a pavilion at Moss Park.’
      • ‘The waterfalls were crystal clear, while elegant pavilions stand under trees that drip with bright red flowers.’
      • ‘There is just one day left to catch a glimpse of the shortlisted design proposals for a new pavilion in Priory Park.’
      • ‘On the lower roof are a glass pavilion and roof garden.’
      • ‘There will also be a pavilion with parking spaces.’
      • ‘But before I succumb to more frivolous imaginings, we should perhaps ask if the metaphor of the pavilion in the garden is relevant here.’
      summer house, pavilion, belvedere
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    2. 1.2In the names of buildings used for theatrical or other entertainments.
      ‘the second concert at the White Rock Pavilion’
      • ‘They play the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth on Monday.’
      • ‘He will hold a multimedia slide show on Thursday, February 7 at 7 p.m. in the McGee Room at the Dogwood Pavilion in Coquitlam.’
      • ‘The visitors can take a look at The Royal Thai Decorations and the Coin Pavilion.’
      • ‘You can still do it at the Chaat Stand at the Raj Pavilion.’
      • ‘The Pavilion was opened in 1935 and took its name from Earl De La Warr, who was the local mayor at the time.’
      • ‘The book is sold at The Pavilion of Regalia, Royal Decorations and Coins at the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok for 500 baht.’
      • ‘The Lifestyles Pavilion will be open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Saturday, March 22 through Monday, March 24.’
      • ‘The San Francisco Antiques show takes place at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center between October 26 and 29.’
      • ‘Self-catering properties include Baille Hill House and Bishopgate Pavilion, both in York, and Beech Farm Holiday Cottages in Pickering.’
    3. 1.3A detached or semidetached block at a hospital or other building complex.
      • ‘It is hoped that the new pavilion will be completed by the end of April.’
      • ‘Phase one upgrades for the center include a new 4,600-square-foot pond center complex with a pavilion for class orientation.’
      • ‘Treatment rooms for massage and mud baths run around the east edge of the complex and the new pavilion at the southeast corner houses the doctors and their consulting rooms.’
      • ‘Benches and a fountain, as well as flowers and plants sent in from all over the world made the otherwise clean hospital pavilion somewhat serene.’
      • ‘Demolition work will start at the end of the month and officials hope the pavilion will be completed by the Autumn.’
    4. 1.4A large tent with a peak and crenellated decorations, used especially at a show or fair.
      • ‘In 1900 he received a commission by the Austrian government to decorate the Austrian pavilion for the World Fair in Paris of 1900.’
      • ‘The fair featured a pavilion decorated in the style of Hatshepsut's mortuary temple.’
      • ‘The 1939 fair had pavilions from nations across the globe; there are two countries represented in the cards: Sudan and the Vatican.’
      • ‘Ma'am, you'd hardly believe that I was once the owner of a great pavilion tent that was the attraction of the fair.’
      • ‘Then came the German pavilions at world fairs - in New York, in Chicago, in Buenos Aires, in Helsinki.’
      • ‘Few visitors to the Russian pavilions at world's fairs, however, appreciated the serious nature the Russian revival held for Russians.’
    5. 1.5A temporary building, stand, or other structure in which items are displayed by a dealer or exhibitor at a trade exhibition.
      • ‘Rejected by the Universal Exposition of 1867, he set up a separate exhibition in a private pavilion, next to Courbet's.’
      • ‘Other ideas could, with luck, be tried out on temporary exhibition pavilions.’
      • ‘Aston Martins and Bentleys are on display in the auto pavilion just a stone's throw from the latest John Deere models.’
      • ‘It has been exhibited in museum and gallery venues around the world, and the exhibitors in the pavilion are looking forward to exposing attendees to the genre.’
      • ‘Is it sufficient, as the submission suggests, to provide for conversion as a temporary pavilion or exhibition space?’
      • ‘Some 25 football fields would be needed to lay out all the pavilions and exhibition booths.’
      • ‘But, with a month to go and many of the temporary stands, pavilions and marquees needed to accommodate the 60,000 visitors a day still to be erected, is he at all nervous?’
      • ‘In 1967, he hosted the British pavilion at the World Exhibition in Montreal, Expo '67.’
      • ‘It represents Queen Victoria and family surrounded by imperial dignitaries gathered inside the pavilion of the Great Exhibition.’
      • ‘But close up, the building is clearly much more substantial and tectonically satisfying than any temporary exhibition pavilion.’
      • ‘The pavilion and the materials exhibited within are so simple that one cannot identify the country's characteristics.’
      • ‘It now includes 22 national pavilions with 840 exhibits from 38 countries.’
      • ‘The company was one of 16 Irish companies that exhibited at the Irish pavilion at Telecom World in Geneva last week.’
      • ‘Mr Brennan said some facilities which ‘starred’ last year when temporary pavilions were in place, such as the lawn canopies, would remain.’
      • ‘Richly decorated, grand pavilions and tents stand at the ready.’
  • 2A usually highly decorated projecting subdivision of a building.

  • 3The part of a cut gemstone below the girdle.


Middle English (denoting a large decorated tent): from Old French pavillon, from Latin papilio(n-) butterfly; tent.