Definition of Pauline in US English:



Christian Theology
  • 1Relating to or characteristic of St. Paul, his writings, or his doctrines.

    • ‘Against conventional Pauline study, he returns to Augustine as a Pauline interpreter.’
    • ‘How many Pauline epistles did Paul really write?’
    • ‘It is not erroneous, as he claims, to believe that the Gospels reflect a Pauline theologizing of the original Jesus message.’
    • ‘Two parts of the existing Pauline correspondence, Galatians 2-4 and Romans 3-4, are dominated by this concept.’
    • ‘It is worthwhile to remember that Luther's favorite book of the Bible was not a Pauline epistle, but the Gospel of John.’
    1. 1.1 (in the Roman Catholic Church) relating to Pope Paul VI, or the liturgical and doctrinal reforms pursued during his pontificate (1963–78) as a result of the Second Vatican Council.