Definition of patrol wagon in US English:

patrol wagon


North American
  • A police van for transporting prisoners.

    • ‘This way, if a call was made by a patrolman and a patrol wagon was sent, the officers aboard the wagon were able to listen for the ringing alarm.’
    • ‘One night, the officer, who drove the patrol wagon, came in for a short nap.’
    • ‘She was among four police officers in two patrol wagons who saw the teenager riding his push bike on the morning of his accident.’
    • ‘The third area of concern for transportation was the creation of the patrol wagon for use by the CPD.’
    • ‘A fortnight later the same defendant was ramming a Garda patrol wagon near Washington Street as he attempted to get away in another stolen car.’


patrol wagon

/pəˈtrōl ˈwaɡən//pəˈtroʊl ˈwæɡən/