Definition of patness in US English:



  • See pat

    • ‘It is not that we need any sort of patness, and there is much to be said for stories that are not tied up too neatly, but occasionally one encounters an almost wilful irresolution.’
    • ‘The cafés don't really appear as mysterious objects of enquiry, but as a way in to literary-political tropes of stunning familiarity and patness.’
    • ‘The absence of spontaneity, the patness of the artistic and intellectual approach, the resulting weakness of the drama brings about the question: how many indelible moments has he created?’
    • ‘I enjoyed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, but the minor weaknesses in those films - their occasional obviousness, patness, and preachiness - blossom into the defining characteristics of The Majestic.’
    • ‘And the outcome doesn't quite work - wobbly credibility giving way to patness.’
    • ‘But there are some obvious problems here, including metaphorical patness and the fact that it almost certainly couldn't have happened that way.’