Definition of pathologist in US English:



  • A scientist who studies the causes and effects of diseases, especially one who examines laboratory samples of body tissue for diagnostic or forensic purposes.

    ‘a pathologist carried out a postmortem examination’
    • ‘A new disease has been discovered by a Florida insect pathologist.’
    • ‘The qualities of the perfect potato mostly depend on its intended use, according to the Idaho plant pathologist.’
    • ‘The core business of perinatal and paediatric pathologists is to help women and children.’
    • ‘A Paris-born French painter, he was the son of a noted pathologist.’
    • ‘The pathologist said it would be fine to use this corn for silage.’
    • ‘Pathologists have identified degenerative changes in brain samples of diseased cattle similar to scrapie-infected sheep brain.’
    • ‘A point of concern is the introduction into the history of anatomy of the role of the pathologist and the storage of body parts.’
    • ‘It may be useful to involve a pathologist, preferably the one doing the autopsy, while seeking consent.’
    • ‘A face-to-face meeting with the pathologist may clarify some misunderstandings.’
    • ‘He is a veterinary pathologist at the University of Wyoming.’