Definition of pathologically in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to pathology or disease.

    ‘bronchiectasis is defined pathologically as permanent dilatation of the bronchi’
    as submodifier ‘pathologically abnormal or enlarged spleens’
    • ‘They can become injured and pathologically enlarged and inflamed, either acutely or as a result of chronic repetitive micro-trauma.’
    • ‘They conducted a study of 111 consecutive patients with pathologically documented lung cancer.’
    • ‘Only seven of the removed gallbladders were reported as normal pathologically.’
    • ‘Pathologically, the lung has a close relation with the nose.’
    • ‘If these are pathologically elevated, the pulse oximeter will give a falsely elevated reading.’
    • ‘The so-called embolus forms on a pathologically abnormal wall of a larger vessel and then detaches and circulates in the blood.’
    • ‘Few patients experience pathologically low arginine concentrations.’
    • ‘Cerebral abscesses have several distinctive features both clinically and pathologically, regardless of the causative organism.’
    • ‘Pathologically, the gross appearance of an abscess in its early stages is that of a poorly localized area of discoloration and softening.’
    • ‘Anger causes vasoconstriction in pathologically narrowed arterial segments but has no effect on vasomotion in normal coronary arteries.’
  • 2informal often as submodifier In a way that is psychologically unhealthy or abnormal; compulsively.

    ‘I am pathologically shy’
    ‘she was pathologically obsessed with her weight’
    • ‘The point about Mr Longfellow Deeds is that he is pathologically nice.’
    • ‘He has every intention of refusing, except that Logan is not a man to cross, being pathologically unhinged.’
    • ‘I think that is the typical talk of the habitually, perhaps pathologically, closeted.’
    • ‘He is paranoid, delusional, pathologically self-pitying.’
    • ‘He's the obnoxious, insecure, pathologically lying kid everyone knew in grade school.’
    • ‘It's not 'politically incorrect' to be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or anti-Semitic—it is inhuman and pathologically stupid.’
    • ‘The fact that he's obsessed with his hair—indeed, pathologically sensitive about the whole of his physical appearance—doesn't make him an immodest man.’
    • ‘Pathologically violent, he is constantly on the verge of mutiny.’
    • ‘It's like watching the holiday slides of an undeniably talented but pathologically dull photographer.’
    • ‘This film brings the actor back to his patented wry, literate, pathologically charming British persona.’