Definition of pathbreaking in US English:



  • Pioneering; innovative.

    ‘their pathbreaking work opened up a new era in cancer research’
    • ‘The expedition was path-breaking in more ways than one.’
    • ‘And even in terms of depicting war, this movie is path-breaking in terms of using minimal jingoism.’
    • ‘Author of more than a dozen books and several hundred research publications, he has carved a niche for himself with path-breaking efforts spread over several decades.’
    • ‘But in 1970, she joined a drama group and essayed lead roles in path-breaking plays that marked the golden '70s.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the State government is all set to implement some path-breaking measures to stem cyber crimes and regulate cyber cafes in the state.’
    • ‘This is a path-breaking and well thought out budget with an eye on infrastructure development and growth.’
    • ‘It is a path-breaking study of learning and innovation that has made a profound contribution to our understanding of the relationship between networks and innovation.’
    • ‘Its path-breaking preliminary report is currently being updated on the basis of 80-plus sessions for youth, parents and teachers.’
    • ‘He was honoured by the NIF for his path-breaking innovation.’
    • ‘I had heard that the company was doing new, path-breaking work.’
    • ‘The programme cannot and will not achieve any path-breaking change in the lives of women.’
    • ‘He was at least one of the chief architects of this path-breaking campaign model that we've been hearing so much about and talking so much about for months.’
    • ‘Some of the decisions were path-breaking indeed.’
    • ‘They also deliberated on the path-breaking innovations that changed things for the better.’
    • ‘This sounds pretty interesting, actually, and I hope it proves to be a path-breaking work on the subject.’
    • ‘The expectation among the villagers is that the new model would serve as a path-breaking example for the rest of the country to emulate.’
    • ‘An article in a foreign journal becomes a touchstone and then a norm, unless it is torn asunder by some path-breaking discovery.’
    • ‘Newton and all such thinkers asked questions and came out with path-breaking discoveries.’
    • ‘It was a path-breaking effort as with the help of various topics, the participants were set to think on the lines of acquiring the attributes of Allah.’
    • ‘The exhibition includes more than one hundred paintings, watercolors, and etchings by Whistler, installed in new versions of his path-breaking 1883 and 1884 installations.’