Definition of paternity leave in US English:

paternity leave


  • A period of absence from work granted to a father after or shortly before the birth of his child.

    ‘a congressional mandate for paternity leave may refute commonly held stereotypes about women's caretaking obligations’
    • ‘One of the guys is currently on paternity leave and the wife of another is pregnant, as well as this supervisor expecting.’
    • ‘Are you too busy for paternity leave?’
    • ‘We should also institute statutory paid paternity leave after the birth of a child for fathers.’
    • ‘People become ill, quit, go on vacations and take maternity or paternity leave.’
    • ‘Culturally, the concept of paternity leave - of fathers having many dealings with infants other than providing money - is alien to most of us.’
    • ‘Of course, maternity and paternity leave exist at universities, but there are negative psychological and career consequences for women who take maternity leave, and especially for men who take paternity leave.’
    • ‘Our existing policy covers transferable maternity/paternity leave.’
    • ‘If the government is serious about encouraging fathers to take paternity leave, they have to do more.’
    • ‘Despite being on paternity leave at the moment, I'm still struggling to find the time to do everything that I want to do before I return to work.’
    • ‘But what about additional paid paternity leave for, say, a fortnight when a baby is born?’
    • ‘I knew there was paternity leave but unfortunately was never told the "ins and outs" of it, so I have just used paid holidays instead.’
    • ‘Only 30 per cent worked in companies where paternity leave was an entitlement.’
    • ‘With the birth of his son, last spring, he took a six-month paternity leave from his job.’
    • ‘If a couple adopts a child, parents will be entitled to adoption leave and paternity leave.’
    • ‘It's crucial to find out about maternity or paternity leave, pay and conditions.’
    • ‘Yet they continue to have a full social service system, including maternity and paternity leave.’
    • ‘He's just finished a term's teaching after returning from paternity leave.’
    • ‘Even fathers are now being granted paternity leave.’
    • ‘He must notify his employer of the date he wants to start paternity leave in the 15th week before the baby is due.’
    • ‘My wife is due in October and I would love to take paternity leave.’