Definition of patentee in US English:



  • A person or organization that obtains or holds a patent for something.

    ‘the patentee has twelve months to apply for patents in other countries’
    • ‘In return for these, patentees had to work the invention in Egypt.’
    • ‘Where it is clear that the patentee did not intend to obtain protection for particular variants, it is not open to the court to extend the monopoly to cover them.’
    • ‘Fourthly, a patentee who seeks to obtain an unfair advantage from a patent, which he knows or should have known should be amended, will not be allowed to amend.’
    • ‘My answer would be, at first impression, that the Patents Act is aimed at protecting patentees from commercial loss resulting from the wrongful infringement of their rights.’
    • ‘It is permissible to look at the teaching in the specification to see what the patentee has put forward as his technical contribution.’
    • ‘Such an order was made, and such a schedule produced by the patentee, in this case.’
    • ‘He did not even insist that patentees take the required oath that their application was original.’
    • ‘The notional addressee is not expected to find the patentee's presumed intention from the specification.’
    • ‘The judge was entitled to conclude that the patentees had lost a chance of making sales to those buyers - no doubt a chance of differing probabilities in each case.’
    • ‘As he rightly accepts, there is no obligation on a patentee seeking to patent a claim involving cell technology to deposit a cell line: it is merely an option.’
    • ‘In those instances, however, the patentee still might rebut the presumption that estoppel bars a claim of equivalence.’
    • ‘Although he is not deemed to be a patent lawyer, the patentee should be taken to be aware of the primary, and rather different, purposes of the specification and the claims when he is drafting his patent.’
    • ‘This reference was a chapter in the litigation which was conducted by the patentees of the anti-ulcer drug, cimetidine.’
    • ‘By settling for a lesser licensing fee, the patentee can preserve the patent as a weapon, using it to elicit licensing fees from other putative infringers.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the scope of the monopoly asserted by the patentees does not correspond to the technical contribution made by the patent.’
    • ‘The patentee may not obtain a monopoly for matter which he has not told the public about.’
    • ‘The scope of the monopoly that a patentee gets is determined by the claims.’
    • ‘But what the patentee then tries to do to broaden their monopoly without giving any additional consideration is to make that assertion at page 4, lines 10 to 12.’
    • ‘In such a case, a patentee cannot be in a better position than a patentee who properly instructs the draftsman.’
    • ‘Boston submitted that the patentees were under a duty to bring before the court all the issues that needed to be resolved.’