Definition of patent troll in US English:

patent troll


derogatory, informal
  • A company that obtains the rights to one or more patents in order to profit by means of licensing or litigation, rather than by producing its own goods or services.

    ‘patent trolls are quashing the next, nascent wave of tech innovation’
    • ‘A patent troll would never bring a lawsuit if it can't collect money, because money is all the troll cares about.’
    • ‘Tucker found that when confronted with patent trolls, start-ups often had to resort to layoffs or abandon projects.’
    • ‘The fact that patent trolls are pausing slightly to assess the changing landscape is hardly a reason to celebrate victory.’
    • ‘Tech companies are irritated at the frivolous lawsuits filed by patent trolls and are lobbying hard to blunt the edge of the current US patent laws.’
    • ‘The entire point of the patent troll "industry" is that it's pretty much win/win for the patent holder.’
    • ‘An alarming new trend is that patent trolls no longer target big companies.’
    • ‘If patent trolls are going to stoop to the level they do, I don't feel inclined to be pleasant or professional in my response to them.’
    • ‘Patent trolls prey on companies that can't afford the costs of an extended lawsuit and so cough up the cash to settle instead.’
    • ‘The bill would put the financial responsibility of filing such a lawsuit on the patent trolls themselves.’
    • ‘The Act makes sure patent trolls pay all costs and attorney's fees if they bring a patent lawsuit and lose.’