Definition of patent right in US English:

patent right


  • The exclusive right conferred by a patent.

    ‘one of the collaborators has agreed to waive its patent rights to the cowpea gene’
    • ‘It ended six years of legal battles between the two companies over patent rights and intellectual property.’
    • ‘The corporate giant recently declared that income from its patent rights now exceeds income from chemical sales.’
    • ‘Some accuse me of not caring about copyright or patent rights.’
    • ‘In principle, it is patent rights that confer property rights in innovations.’
    • ‘Ministers said the Bill will give small firms greater ability to enforce patent rights and will boost innovation.’
    • ‘This article considers the pros and cons of litigating patent rights abroad before, or concurrently with, the pursuit of favorable legal judgment in the United States.’
    • ‘When senators go around inventing special reasons for abridging patent rights, the public pays.’
    • ‘Most importantly, they do not share in the patent rights in the drugs that are developed in this way.’
    • ‘The first consideration prohibits an inventor from commercially exploiting the invention beyond the statutory grant of exclusive patent rights.’
    • ‘In 1856, they obtained the patent rights for the exclusive use of the bored-through cylinder, and in 1858 introduced a new revolver and cartridge combination.’
    • ‘I want lunar patent rights, lunar copyrights, and lunar trademarks.’
    • ‘With the patent rights disclaimed, anyone can use this method royalty free immediately.’
    • ‘In the first case, the grant often comes with exclusive use clauses, patent rights, or is simply contract work.’
    • ‘Along the way, they got all excited because a judge upheld their patent rights - but only because no one showed up to contest them.’
    • ‘That is what patent rights provide: the power to exclude.’
    • ‘The company has exclusive patent rights to the medication.’
    • ‘It has not, however, pressed U.S. pharmaceutical firms to renounce their patent rights - which is why protestors targeted the U.S. embassy.’
    • ‘Universities, which want to protect their patent rights, deserve some of the blame when disputes over intellectual property rights strain their relations with industry.’
    • ‘Moreover, patent rights are to be enjoyed without discrimination as to the field of technology.’
    • ‘The companies quickly dropped this claim, however, when the defense of their patent rights became a public relations fiasco.’


patent right

/ˈpatnt rīt/