Definition of patent office in US English:

patent office


  • An office from which patents are issued.

    • ‘Only in 1902 did he get a bona fide job, at the Swiss patent office in Bern.’
    • ‘Certainly the EU has directive power over national patent offices that generally nominate the delegates that vote at the EPO, so perhaps there could after all be some EU leverage.’
    • ‘We all curse the patent office for granting patents on things which we find obvious, but they don't always mess up.’
    • ‘So pervasive was the 1890s craze that the government opened a separate patent office just for bicycle-related innovations.’
    • ‘But worldwide, for two decades at least, patent offices have been granting commercial companies monopolistic access to our DNA.’
    • ‘It is not in the interests of the Public for the patent office and courts to shun the Appellant for a third party such as a ‘one legged roof tiler’.’
    • ‘It is not part of the role of the IB to grant patents at all - this is still handled by the various national and regional patent offices around the world.’
    • ‘Project partners include Bulgarian ministries and agencies and patent offices in the UK and Denmark.’
    • ‘Legislation to restructure funding for the patent office will help ensure adequate review and protection of medtech intellectual properties.’
    • ‘That's an awful long time for an application to be kicking around the patent office; the file wrapper dealing with its prosecution history must be something to see.’
    • ‘The patents are now all registered at the patent office in my name in a totally legal and proper way.’
    • ‘You are also in the hands of patent offices, or it appears, the whim of patent offices.’
    • ‘However, the lawsuit is still playing itself out in the courts, while the patent office wakes up and realizes that maybe the patents never were valid in the first place.’
    • ‘A further complication came when patent offices began to make patents so broad they have become a barrier to further progress and research.’
    • ‘At the moment our patent lawyers are compiling a case for the EU patent office.’
    • ‘Last year, the appeals court said the patent office had incorrectly rejected two applications for ‘obviousness.’’
    • ‘Thousands of patents are filed with the US patent office every year, and this site highlights some of the more unusual ones.’
    • ‘These summaries are included generally within one to three weeks of publication, depending on the patent office in question.’
    • ‘The data provided have been perfectly acceptable to the patent offices in Europe and the US so far, but that cuts no ice in Taipei.’
    • ‘But as the years have gone by, patent offices and courts all over the world have cut back on the scope of protections that people can obtain for these kinds of inventions.’


patent office