Definition of patent leather in US English:

patent leather


  • Leather with a glossy varnished surface, used chiefly for shoes, belts, and purses.

    • ‘Tori walked out onto the deck, her patent leather shoes clicking on the wood.’
    • ‘Little girls going to Sunday school back in the 60s all wore these little black, patent leather shoes.’
    • ‘Her two young daughters went to school each day in starched dresses and patent leather shoes.’
    • ‘You still wear see through dress socks & pointy patent leather dress shoes to weddings.’
    • ‘To round the picture off he slips his silk socked feet into black Italian square-toed, patent leather shoes.’
    • ‘Wear button-up shirts (paisley if possible) and black patent leather shoes with silver clasps.’
    • ‘She slipped her feet into her black patent leather shoes, and admired herself in the mirror.’
    • ‘Opt for black patent leather shoes or simple black leather if you don't want to spend money on a new pair.’
    • ‘If you get patent leather shoes you will probably be the only person there wearing them, so I wouldn't bother.’
    • ‘My patent leather shoes clicked as they hit the pavement.’
    • ‘So unless you're going to the gym or wearing white patent leather shoes with a white tux, there's no reason for you to wear white socks ever again.’
    • ‘I had removed my patent leather shoes after a while, for they foundered badly in the sand.’
    • ‘Formal shoes are made from shiny patent leather; they should also be simple (plain or capped toe) and freshly polished.’
    • ‘On her feet are black patent leather court shoes with clean soles.’
    • ‘Fabrics are conspicuous and exuberant: velvets, patent leather and faux crocodile leather.’
    • ‘The focus is not on wearing a fancy Easter bonnet and new patent leather shoes.’
    • ‘He's wearing the right gear, too: a dark blue jacket, a black T - shirt, pin-striped trousers and patent leather shoes with shiny silver buckles.’
    • ‘And can I just say how much I love this patent leather shoe trend?’
    • ‘Personnel who received patent leather shoes during the trial period can continue to wear these items.’
    • ‘His feet were wet, cold and sore - his patent leather shoes offering little protection from snow or terrain.’


patent leather

/ˈpætnt ˈlɛðər/