Definition of patellar in US English:



  • See patella

    • ‘The use of patellar tendon autografts for ACL reconstruction is very widespread and is thought to render good, reproducible clinical results.’
    • ‘Episodes of giving way are consistent with some degree of knee instability and may indicate patellar subluxation or ligamentous rupture.’
    • ‘In this series of operations, we used suture anchor devices to fix the free ends of the split patellar tendon to the talus and the calcaneus.’
    • ‘Physical examination revealed pale skin and mucous membranes, as well as bilaterally decreased patellar and Achilles tendon reflexes.’
    • ‘Revision ACL reconstruction when both patellar tendons have already been harvested is an unusual situation.’
    • ‘Routine closure was performed with closure of the patellar peritenon in the patellar tendon group.’
    • ‘The patellar ligament makes its last appearance in this section.’
    • ‘Deep tendon reflexes of the patellar and Achilles tendon were normal.’
    • ‘The combined tendon of quadriceps attaches to the superior and medial borders of the patella, and in part in front and beyond the patella to join the patellar ligament.’
    • ‘The capsule also is reinforced in front by the patellar and quadriceps tendons and posteriorly by the popliteus and gastrocnemius muscles.’
    • ‘In 10 specimens, the tibia with attached patellar tendon and patella was harvested by removal of all connecting tissue.’
    • ‘The lower, tendinous portions of these muscles help to encapsulate the knee joint, and the central component of the quadriceps forms the strong patellar tendon, connected to the knee cap.’
    • ‘Another option would have been to stage two procedures using ipsilateral patellar tendon autografts.’
    • ‘There was one patellar fracture and one patellar tendon rupture.’
    • ‘A 10 cm longitudinal skin incision was made in the midline of patellar tendon.’
    • ‘The quadriceps muscles act on the knee through the quadriceps and patellar tendons.’
    • ‘The patellar branch of the saphenous nerve may arise from the nerve to vastus medialis.’
    • ‘The retinaculum and patellar tendon are richly innervated with free nerve endings.’
    • ‘No significant difference in total mean chondrocyte density between trochlear, patellar, tibial, and femoral condyles was observed.’
    • ‘On the anterior surface toward the upper end of the tibia is the tibial tuberosity which is also an attachment point for the patellar ligament.’