Definition of patchwork quilt in US English:

patchwork quilt


  • A quilt with a top layer made of small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors, or textures sewn together.

    ‘historic patchwork quilts from York Castle Museum’
    figurative ‘pictures from the air present a patchwork quilt of differing environments’
    • ‘A patchwork quilt of colored fields turns the picture into a rainbow.’
    • ‘Blow away the cobwebs on the cliff-top walk and return to cosy bedrooms with patchwork quilts, fresh fruit and coffee.’
    • ‘In its fourth year, the event continues to gain renown for the number and quality of locally-made patchwork quilts on display.’
    • ‘They viewed nearly 300 patchwork quilts - the work of a tight-knit group of Northampton women that meets fortnightly to produce patchwork goods.’
    • ‘Cutting, pasting, and inserting material into the curricula has left us with a patchwork quilt of educational experiences.’
    • ‘She soon began creating her own pattern designs and dying her own fabrics to create a unique collection of patchwork quilts.’
    • ‘The women's club have completed a beautiful patchwork quilt which is on display in the centre.’
    • ‘Beetle grubs can turn a fine looking lawn into a patchwork quilt of yellow spots.’
    • ‘Their dusty browns, light tans and crimson reds were like a magnificent patchwork quilt covering the city.’
    • ‘Lily loved knitting, sewing and the odd game of cards and will be remembered for the many patchwork quilts which she made.’
    • ‘The soft acid rain that has fallen this summer has left the countryside a veritable patchwork quilt of colour.’
    • ‘The quilters have spent many hours making colourful patchwork quilts for the hospital ward, only to learn at the last minute that they cannot be used.’
    • ‘Like a hand-woven carpet or patchwork quilt, even its imperfections would ennoble it.’
    • ‘They represent a rich, diverse patchwork quilt of experience that I am able to draw on in my own quest for creative integrity.’