Definition of patchiness in US English:



  • See patchy

    • ‘We conclude that significant patchiness in nutritional quality of foliage, resulting from variation in foliar concentrations of a single compound, exists at a scale relevant to the feeding decisions of individual animals.’
    • ‘Fossil density distributions are usually spatially and volumetrically patchy at several scales, and this patchiness reflects taphonomic and depositional as well as ecological patterns.’
    • ‘Attempts to quantify the amount and distribution of Sargassum in the Atlantic have met with many difficulties, including changes with seasonality and regional patchiness.’
    • ‘However, the year and patch effects significantly affected the success of successful nests in this species, indicating the existence of some patchiness in that species.’
    • ‘The vividness of Villa makes way for the patchiness of Pittodrie.’
    • ‘If decapod populations are not time-averaged and are rapidly buried communities, epibiont patchiness should be the rule in decapods more often than in other groups with more durable skeletons.’
    • ‘Although the epicuticle may be degraded during the life of the host, that is an intrinsic factor leading to epibiont patchiness, not a result of taphonomy.’
    • ‘Thus, although both caterpillars and adult females move frequently and contribute to demographic mixing, this movement is not great enough to negate the impact of habitat patchiness on Itame populations.’
    • ‘GC variation is much larger than purine-pyrimidine variation; therefore, GC patchiness represents most of the genome sequence patchiness.’
    • ‘A diel study of the population in October indicated that the patchiness of population also changed dramatically between day and night.’
    • ‘To adequately preserve what is left of this biodiversity hotspot, it is imperative to deepen our knowledge about the history of the Atlantic Forest and investigate the consequences of habitat patchiness for local populations.’
    • ‘I examine how habitat patchiness influences the distribution, abundance, and spatial dynamics of the geometrid moth Itame andersoni in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska.’
    • ‘The authors' emphasis is on looking for patchiness in patterns in relation to the size of the game being pursued and plotting the probability of ‘x’ number of hits.’
    • ‘In turn, this enables me to evaluate whether the individual level consequences of patchiness that I examine lead to observed density dependent population dynamics.’
    • ‘Previous studies have identified either total nitrogen or the ratio of nitrogen to phenols as important determinants of nutritional patchiness for arboreal marsupials in Eucalyptus forests of southeast Australia.’
    • ‘It claimed it needed it, but I question how much need was involved, given that on the occasions I managed to coax printing out there were no signs of fading or patchiness.’
    • ‘Given the patchiness of the current cabinet's performance, many are putting their hope in a new, more capable batch of ministers, at the latest after the August MPR session.’
    • ‘The shallower rise in the temporally pooled curve implies some degree of stability in the species pool, despite the patchiness of ostracode distributions, and may represent a seasonal succession of species.’
    • ‘If increased density influences the occurrence of aggressive interactions, the degree of patchiness of a habitat will affect the frequency of behavioral interactions.’
    • ‘That seems to be more likely to occur in a system with many levels of patchiness.’