Definition of patchboard in English:



  • another term for patch panel
    • ‘The Secret Sauce The Prodigy has two features that make it the unique offering that it aspires to be: Native Signal Processing and DirectWIRE, AudioTrak's proprietary software-based patch panel for reconfiguring signal routing.’
    • ‘There's a lot to like about the 410, although you'll probably want to have an analog mixer or patch panel for connecting instruments to it.’
    • ‘Attenuation can be attributed to a number of elements, including fiber distance, number of patch panel connections and splices, dirty fiber connectors.’
    • ‘Some previous tenant had put CAT - 5 cabling and RJ45 faceplaces throughout, so a few hours with a punchdown tool and one patch panel later I have 3Mbps into the house and onto my lap, wherever I choose to sit.’