Definition of patch cord in US English:

patch cord


  • An insulated cord with a plug at each end, for use with a patch panel.

    • ‘Either do that, or just listen to a tape of yourself plugging and unplugging a patch cord.’
    • ‘She had patch cords made to plug into her mobile telephone, and used magnetic telephone coils with patch cords for use with ordinary telephones.’
    • ‘Faced with the dilemma of waiting for D' Eon to fix a malfunctioning amp and patch cord, the band simply decided to play as a three-piece while performing a new track entitled ‘Heartbeat.’’
    • ‘Army men with rifles, bazookas, bayonets and cannons were perched on and around the candy wrappers, patch cords, textbooks, a gaping guitar case, a few microphone stands, and an uncountable number of empty tape boxes.’
    • ‘Gibson, one of the pioneers in modern guitars, is taking a big risk in creating new instruments with an Ethernet jack instead of a patch cord connector.’
    • ‘He followed his patch cord to where it connected with Rocky's amp, in the number two spot beside Rocky's cord.’
    • ‘Sounded like someone had pulled the audio patch cords for a second and then replaced them.’
    • ‘Smiling and acknowledging their presence, she then turned to her mother and asked, ‘Where did you pack the computer patch cords?’’
    • ‘‘For example, there is an emphasis on CDMA phones because of their superior coverage, and mobile phone antennas and patch cords to stretch coverage further,’ she said.’
    • ‘Rocky suddenly exploded, jumping up from his spot, causing his patch cord to disconnect from his guitar.’
    • ‘Then, a few patch cords and buttons later, there's suddenly his voice, warped, mangled, processed and spit back out by about a dozen pieces of machinery.’
    • ‘Sometimes there are more patch cords than at other times.’
    • ‘It's a long rectangular box with a strap that is slung over one shoulder, and a crank is on one end of the box with a curly red patch cord running into an amp nearby.’
    • ‘People remove a patch lead or accidentally turn a unit off.’
    • ‘All fiber interfaces are at the DWDM level, avoiding the need for the mass of per-wavelength patch cords required in first- and second-generation architectures.’
    • ‘Stray feedback and pulled patch cord fuzz offer a timbral counterpart to the repertoire of dry scratching and sharp-edged string snaps, as do the sourceless bass throbs that sometimes lurk beneath the busy surface.’