Definition of patas monkey in US English:

patas monkey


  • A central African guenon with reddish-brown fur, a black face, and a white mustache.

    Erythrocebus patas, family Cercopithecidae

    • ‘There is no doubt that they affect knowledge systematically, but it is not clear precisely how they relate to knowledge about the feeding patterns of patas monkeys or about the replication of DNA molecules.’
    • ‘On her site I learned that human beings don't even hold the record for being the fastest primates; that title belongs to the patas monkeys, which can sustain running speeds as fast as thirty-four miles an hour.’
    • ‘For simplification purpose, we compared only four sequences: rhesus macaque - 1, rhesus macaque - 5, patas monkey, and human as an apparent outgroup.’
    • ‘Prepared DNA was obtained from Coriell for the following species: celebes macaque and patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas, NG06116).’


Mid 18th century: patas from Senegalese French, from Wolof pata.


patas monkey

/pəˈtä ˌməNGkē/