Definition of pasty-faced in US English:



  • (of a person) having an unhealthily pale complexion.

    ‘a pasty-faced youth’
    • ‘To the uninformed, the word conjures up images of university students, computer programmers and pasty-faced geeks in internet cafes.’
    • ‘They too are often portrayed as poorly dressed, pasty-faced monomaniacs with coke-bottle glasses, who are more likely to be watching Dr Who reruns than attending the prom.’
    • ‘"I just couldn't see myself going into a factory where I saw these pasty-faced fellows walking in and walking out after stamping their cards," Borgnine once said.’
    • ‘He was pasty-faced from years out of the sunlight (he was an inveterate night person).’
    • ‘When he emerged, he was pasty-faced and sweating, and his long hair hung down in wet rat-tails.’
    • ‘England's gifted, energetic Kenneth Branagh plays that bureaucrat to smirking, pasty-faced perfection.’
    • ‘I thought of the coughing, pasty-faced fellow passenger on the airplane and presumed I'd caught a touch of whatever he was spreading.’
    • ‘When young men joining the Corps first arrived in camp they often described themselves as "pasty-faced, pale, and without good color at all."’
    • ‘Back at work, everyone looked sharp as a button and I felt pasty-faced and blurry and 20 years older.’
    • ‘Skinny, pasty-faced and dressed from head to toe in black complete with woolly hat rammed down on his head, Hamlet is the epitome of a disaffected philosophy student.’