Definition of pasturage in US English:



  • 1Land used for pasture.

    • ‘The Secretary of State considers that the views from the site would at least be seriously obstructed by the proposed development and that the present and, to him, congruous foreground which consists of pasturage would disappear.’
    • ‘Many Slovaks in rural areas retain ownership and exclusive use over plots of land that are used to generate food for family consumption or provide pasturage for livestock.’
    • ‘According to the historian, cattle maiming fell into the category of ‘an historical outrage’ because the peasantry had for centuries regarded cattle as their enemy owing to clearances designed to make way for pasturage.’
    • ‘The name refers to the Cowholm - the riverside meadow used as pasturage - through which the road ran to reach a ford across the river (later the site of Bishop's Bridge).’
    • ‘Outfield is uncultivated upland pasturage used for summer grazing.’
    • ‘But when central authority broke down, marauding bands lay waste to the land and turned it back into pasturage.’
    • ‘The great abundance of bones of large herbivores in the Yedoma is convincing evidence of the rich pasturage offered by this region during the Pleistocene.’
    • ‘While their migrations often were due primarily to a lack of pasturage, military and political conquests shaped the way of life in the new lands.’
    • ‘Small embanked fields were laid out for cereal growing, and were separated from areas devoted to livestock pasturage.’
    • ‘In colonial America many village communities had large areas of common land, partly for defensive purposes as well as for pasturage.’
    • ‘Extensive grasslands, good pasturage and a tradition of professional herdsmen helped the process of evolution of many distinct breeds of cattle.’
    • ‘Extant Massachusetts tax records for 1771 show that farms within all of Dartmouth Township averaged 37.i acres, including on average 124 acres of pasturage.’
    • ‘When pasturage was unavailable, trappers, like the Indians, fed their animals the sweet bark of the cottonwood trees.’
    • ‘He was also well aware that many of the reservation's sixty-five hundred residents lived near the creek bottoms that provided pasturage and a ready supply of firewood.’
    • ‘If you were to run the sheep up there, you'd not have to cut into either the forests or the tilled lands to gain pasturage.’
    • ‘In it he codified the proper ordering of a town regarding house lots, pasturage, a proper plaza, and how ‘the settlers shall nominate by and from themselves the public officials that shall have been arranged for.’’
    • ‘A large area of somewhat marshy ground west of the Gipping belonged to the burgesses in common; the northern part in particular, being drier, was used for pasturage.’
    • ‘He was concerned about erosion, and wanted to improve his pasturage, but he also remembered the Valley quail he had grown up with, and hoped to see them again on his land.’
    • ‘In addition to the hundred acres of decent bottomland, McGinty's old man also accumulated a little highland pasturage to the north of the valley, where he kept a few fat, lazy sheep.’
    pasture, pastureland, grass, grassland, grazing land, ley, paddock, croft
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    1. 1.1 The occupation or process of pasturing cattle, sheep, or other grazing animals.
      ‘the human species has only engaged in pasturage for 12,000 to 15,000 years’
      • ‘In other cases, the land rich rented pasturage rights to Quiroga cattle owners.’
      • ‘This meadow, in the vicinity of the site of the Roman settlement, served as pasturage for horses, cows and other animals of the townspeople.’
      • ‘Gradually, cultivated grasses replaced grains and wild hay as a source of cattle pasturage and fodder, and after the turn of the century, farmers began to establish cooperative dairies (osuusmeijerit).’
      • ‘These arguments, or the appeals to free speech that dominate debates over digital intellectual property, have no precise analogue in debates over hunting or pasturage, although, again, there are common themes.’
      • ‘These species are relatively low yielding, but produce nonbloating forage of high nutritive value that furnish excellent quality pasturage in late summer.’
      • ‘Outfield pasturage rights are associated with rights over patches of infield, on which crops - mostly hay and potatoes - are grown and which is opened for winter pasturage for sheep.’
      • ‘These successes led to increases in pasturage, stock, wool and work!’
      • ‘Activities such as slash-and-burn cultivation, logging for firewood, and livestock pasturage by the landless seem to have been tolerated in commonly owned village forests.’
      • ‘There is evidence, no doubt, in this case of a long-continued practice of letting herbage on the road for the pasturage, not of sheep exclusively, but also of a limited number of horses and cattle.’
      • ‘In addition, there was a tithe on agricultural produce, and taxes levied on pasturage, slaughtering, the use of mills, beekeeping, and the raising of pigs.’
      • ‘All these measures penalised traditional mountain agriculture, and especially the shepherds whose right to pasturage was curtailed.’
      • ‘Silvopasturing is just one aspect of agroforestry, which involves the broader concept of combining any crop - including pasturage - with forests.’
      • ‘This act impinged upon the rights of unrestrained pasturage for cattle and fowl that had been enjoyed for generations, and it also ended the use of the moors as a place of recreation and escape.’


Early 16th century: from Old French, from pasture (see pasture).