Definition of pastorally in US English:



  • See pastoral

    • ‘We are concerned that further moves in a multi-faith direction could be pastorally damaging and could undermine Christian outreach in the diocese.’
    • ‘Minus any one of these, Goddess help us, minus two or all three of these, we will simply replicate the theologically and pastorally inadequate ways that have led to the current situation with even more disastrous results.’
    • ‘So, while Jesus’ rule stands as our general guide, we pastorally evaluate every case to see whether divorce is the better alternative.’
    • ‘It will remain insufficient to sustain a pastorally dependent human culture if action is not taken.’
    • ‘Contemporary ‘engagements,’ however, have little religious, moral, or legal significance; hence, they are theologically and pastorally superfluous.’
    • ‘Some of the stuff he said was theologically ignorant and pastorally irresponsible.’
    • ‘I believe the church should be led by elders of two types - ruling and teaching - who meet the Biblically qualified, pastorally inclined, theologically sound, and ministry oriented.’
    • ‘The courses vary from the pastorally penal (remember the '98 U.S. Women's Open on the River course?) to Whistling Straits' Ireland with attitude.’
    • ‘It leaves Catholics who are struggling against that sin high and dry, pastorally speaking.’
    • ‘We think it is a good idea, particularly pastorally.’
    • ‘It's theologically unsupported and pastorally disastrous and it's tearing our diocese apart.’
    • ‘It has meant that the studies appearing here, even in the section that I have called ‘Pastoral Reflections,’ fail to reflect pastorally and homiletically on the news of the day.’
    • ‘We call upon military chaplains who are morally questioning this war to speak boldly and pastorally, conveying the concerns of this appeal to those who seek their guidance.’
    • ‘Hermeneutically, we educators need to be reaching for interpretive frameworks that are biblically, theologically and pastorally authentic in that global context, frameworks that help account for where we are.’
    • ‘The book is pastorally real and sensitive, honestly exploring the loneliness of pain, and how a hope in a risen Redeemer answers the inscrutability of life. It is also concise - it took me only two hours to read, and I'm a slow reader!’
    • ‘To put this existentially or, better, pastorally: Is the Spirit's witness to Christ a praise for the conscience unstressed or is it an acclamation of Emmanuel, God with us?’
    • ‘They are liturgically and pastorally innovative, relevant to members' everyday concerns and, even if members do not stay affiliated for long, adept at introducing the previously unchurched to a religious tradition.’
    • ‘These books have become so popular that every pastor in America is now confronted with the task of gently, pastorally explaining to their congregation why the theology of these books is misguided and misguiding.’
    • ‘It's knowing that pastorally, someone's there - a confidant and friend of the club, and someone around who's also objective and neutral.’
    • ‘Theologically confident and pastorally adept bishops have nothing to fear from meeting with concerned and committed Catholics, even (dare it be said) with ‘dissenting’ Catholics.’