Definition of pastoral theology in US English:

pastoral theology


  • Christian theology that considers religious truth in relation to spiritual needs.

    • ‘We had observed that pastoral theology had been so coopted by modern psychology that pastoral-care practitioners were suspicious of the church and its groupthink.’
    • ‘In any case, it seemed far from his mind as he emphasized the work of the spirit and the rich pastoral theology that Vatican II inspired in his years as archbishop.’
    • ‘These authors know their Bible, their church history, their pastoral theology.’
    • ‘But there is no need for it to dismiss the complementary interpretation of the cross, that ‘Christ died for our sins,’ which should remain an integral part of pastoral theology and care.’
    • ‘The remaining chapters on pastoral theology and the prayer of lament are of particular interest to those in ministry.’
    • ‘People's needs drew her to the writing of letters and eventually a book that her followers would call The Dialogue, all works of what we today call pastoral theology.’
    • ‘He takes issue with this distinction, using historical and philosophical examples to point to the way in which pastoral theology, as with theology, is developed in response to particular historical and incidental contexts.’
    • ‘H is president-rector and professor of pastoral theology at Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate Sechool of Theology in Cleveland.’
    • ‘I do, however, differ from him in a nuanced but important way regarding the pastoral theology of Vatican II.’
    • ‘One way to frame the issue is to ask whether theology arises out of pastoral concern or whether pastoral theology is simply ‘applied theology.’’
    • ‘Is the larger academic field of theology and related traditional disciplines prepared to include, learn from and support the kind of contextualized theological reflection that pastoral theology represents?’
    • ‘He teachers pastoral theology at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta.’
    • ‘In pastoral theology's current community emphasis I sometimes miss the ‘essentialism’ of soul and religious experience at the heart of theology's enduring values.’
    • ‘Her own conviction is that Catherine was a very great theologian indeed, her specialty being what today we would call pastoral theology.’
    • ‘Perhaps the dictionary will be most useful for those in ministry-lay or ordained-who want a comprehensive map of the broad range of subjects that comprise the complicated field of pastoral theology.’
    • ‘The legal metaphor became the special province of the virtually autonomous disciplines of dogmatic and penitential theology, while the sacerdotal metaphor was confined to liturgical and pastoral theology.’
    • ‘Here, pastoral theology mediates between an absolute, abstract principle and a compassionate judgment concerning a real-life situation.’
    • ‘By the late 1950s, there were some who began to wonder publicly whether the pastoral theology tradition had made bad choices.’
    • ‘The book should be welcomed and studied by pastors, theologians, and church professionals as an excellent, interdisciplinary text on which to draw for the teaching of social ethics, pastoral theology, and marketplace theology.’
    • ‘In pastoral theology and care I would turn this discipline into a virtual therapy.’