Definition of pastie in US English:



  • 1usually pastiesinformal A decorative covering for the nipple worn by a stripper.

    • ‘Fortunately, true to the title, he does go to hell, where he's assaulted by demons, propositioned by demonettes in pasties and g-strings, and stripped to his overample but still fetching flesh.’
    • ‘Well, the pasties are still there - and perhaps a thong… and a sock.’
    • ‘First, invest in a hot-glue gun: It's an essential tool for crafting pasties and affixing feathers to headdresses.’
    • ‘Thus a blonde stripper with pasties in Act II became the petite, birdlike creature in white in this section.’
    • ‘She opened the next box, and it contained two bras, a pair of stockings that had a garter belt built in and pasties.’
    • ‘The Anatomy of Burlesque, for example, examines the politics of pasties and other forms of stripped down entertainment.’
    • ‘A few more seconds and she's down to high heels, stockings and underwear, only black sparkling pasties covering her nipples.’
    • ‘Carefully placed fans, well manoeuvred balloons, tassels, pasties and body stockings ensured that the audience seldom saw what they thought they did.’
    • ‘While most burlesque shows lean heavily on cabaret music, the climax of a proper cabaret is not necessarily a topless chanteuse twirling her pasties.’
    • ‘I have also worn a pleather ‘dominatrix’ outfit to educate about the cruelty in leather and protested the circus as a tiger in a cage wearing orange body paint, pasties, and underwear.’
    • ‘Karen covered herself in oil and wore heart-shaped pasties on her breasts.’
    • ‘I offer a few costumes and a few sets of pasties, but I'm encouraging people to bring their own gear and music, if they can.’
    • ‘These lightweight pasties are so much less cumbersome than a stick-on bra - you won't even notice you are wearing them.’
    • ‘A photo on October 21 pictured a blonde reclining in a bathtub, apparently nude, covered only by apples, her nipples concealed by pasties bearing the name of an apple-flavored soft drink.’
    • ‘A spangly thong and some pasties and they're all eyes.’
    • ‘Third, the law at issue in Pap's required female erotic dancers at least to obscure their nipples with pasties.’
    • ‘The burlesque girls even wore little umbilicus protectors, as well as nipple pasties and G-strings.’
    • ‘Xena pulled out from Argo's pack a racy little number, a black leather thong and pasties festooned with tiny pompoms.’
    • ‘With little pasties, and they're covered up, you know.’
    • ‘Stripping in the new burlesque goes only as far as pasties and G-strings, not so much in the interests of taste as in the interests of irony.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of pasty