Definition of Pasteur pipette in US English:

Pasteur pipette


  • A simple glass pipette drawn into a capillary tube at one end, used with a rubber nipple fitted to the other.

    • ‘The remaining material is then suspended in 100% ethanol and aspired with a Pasteur pipette previously elongated on a Bunsen.’
    • ‘The fixed cells were dropped onto slides using Pasteur pipettes, air dried and stored at - 20°C.’
    • ‘Spreading of preparations was done using curved sterilized Pasteur pipettes.’
    • ‘Worms were then transferred to 5% agar pads using a glass Pasteur pipette and covered for microscopy.’
    • ‘The hypophase was removed with a Pasteur pipette and the aqueous phase re-extracted with chloroform until it was colourless.’
    • ‘Alter incubation, aliquots of insulin solutions were removed from the glass vials using Pasteur pipettes and put onto microscope slides.’
    • ‘Using a disposable glass Pasteur pipette, 0.5 ml of the upper phase was transferred to a gas chromatography vial and capped.’
    • ‘To remove the dichlorofluorescein, the lipids were applied to small columns of magnesium hydroxide in Pasteur pipettes and the lipid was eluted with 2: 1 chloroform: methanol.’
    • ‘The upper aqueous phase was gently removed with a wide-bore Pasteur pipette and mixed by inversion with 1 mL of secbutanol.’
    • ‘From each plate, two to four transparent plaques were picked and placed in separate 1.5-ml eppendorf tubes containing 1 ml of LB medium using sterile Pasteur pipettes.’
    • ‘Deposit was inoculated with a sterile Pasteur pipette over the surface of slopes of LJ media in duplicate.’
    • ‘They were then dispersed into single cells by pipetting with Pasteur pipettes.’
    • ‘DNA was precipitated with 0.7 vol cold isopropanol, removed with a Pasteur pipette hook, and placed in a clean Eppendorf tube with 1 ml 70% ethanol.’
    • ‘Dropping pipettes and Pasteur pipettes are usually uncalibrated, and are used to transfer liquids only when accurate quantification is not necessary.’
    • ‘This effect appears to be induced by the shear which occurs as the peptide solution is forced through the Pasteur pipette into the cell.’
    • ‘To extract DNA, an agarose plug was removed from the gel at each chromosome band using a glass Pasteur pipette, and DNA was isolated from the plugs by the phenol-based methods of FAVRE.’
    • ‘The ether was removed with a Pasteur pipette and discarded.’
    • ‘Suspensions of cells were made homogeneous by means of a Pasteur pipette, and the cells were resuspended in the quartz cuvette before every exposure to light as well as the subsequent spectral measurement.’
    • ‘Supernatant was removed with a Pasteur pipette and worms were frozen in liquid nitrogen.’
    • ‘For sterile cultures, seeds were sown in a water suspension, using a Pasteur pipette, in 150 mm Petri dishes filled with 100 ml of agar culture medium, at a density of 50 regularly spaced seeds per plate.’