Definition of password-protected in US English:



  • (of a computer, file, etc.) accessible only to users entering the correct password.

    ‘the teaching websites are password-protected for all enrolled students’
    • ‘Do you know of any software that will enable isolated files or folders to be made password-protected?’
    • ‘Many devices allow users to create a secure area on the drive that is password-protected.’
    • ‘It's basically a password-protected area that allows you to store credit card details.’
    • ‘I transferred the money to a password-protected encrypted account and I began firing off orders while I still had the authority.’
    • ‘The system allows authors to create their own password-protected home page.’
    • ‘He entered all the data into the computer in a password-protected file.’
    • ‘Its home page simply features a company logo, and access to the rest of the site is password-protected.’
    • ‘The administrative features, located in a secure area on the Web server, are password-protected.’
    • ‘Another technique used to protect information is that of the password-protected screen saver.’
    • ‘Participants typically have access to a password-protected site where they can educate themselves about the program.’
    • ‘A very common feature of password-protected Web sites is the ability to request that the password be e-mailed to you.’
    • ‘For broadcasters and journalists, a password-protected media section provides information on players, press releases and tips on the fundamentals of the game.’
    • ‘All sensitive material is password-protected and available only to registered members.’
    • ‘The nursery had set up password-protected webcams to give worried parents extra peace of mind by enabling them to see their children during the day.’