Definition of Passion play in US English:

Passion play


  • A dramatic performance representing Christ's Passion from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion.

    • ‘But frankly, to me, the greatest symbolism conveyed by the annual passion play isn't a statement about religion but rather one about community.’
    • ‘To finish off, we first stopped off in Oberammergau, home of the world famous passion play, a beautifully decorated church and shop after shop of amazing wood carvings.’
    • ‘‘Hair ‘is a burlesque and a passion play, an act of defiance and a plea for acceptance.’’
    • ‘In all those years they have staged some list of plays: comedy and drama, musicals, pantos, passion plays, nativity plays, and always to a very high standard.’
    • ‘Set in a Greek village, it tells the story of a group of villagers who are chosen to perform in the annual passion play.’
    • ‘Second, the film is little more than a modern re-working of the medieval passion play.’
    • ‘And it looks like whether they like it or not depends on whether they think of it as a medieval passion play.’
    • ‘The article also highlights how modernisers hope that the Minster will continue to welcome the plays, with a production staged every ten years - creating a tradition to rival that of the passion play at Oberammergau, in Germany.’
    • ‘They note, for example, that the film is ‘nearly the opposite’ of a passion play because viewers ‘must struggle to keep watching, which is humiliating in its own right.’’
    • ‘In Australia, a state education department recently banned a passion play - a ruling, an official said, which showed that the state ‘will not tolerate violence in the schools.’’
    • ‘Midway between Garmisch and the wood-carvers' village of Oberammergau, whose long-running, once-a-decade passion play was first performed in 1634, the Ettal Valley is one of Bavaria's most beguiling landscapes.’
    • ‘The central conceit is that the actor playing Jesus in the local passion play starts finding his life paralleling that of his part.’
    • ‘The biggest problem, however, is the very nature of the passion play, a form born during medieval times.’
    • ‘The evening service at church was a bit different it was a service but with a passion play interspersed throughout it performed by the Riding Lights theatre company.’
    • ‘Did this woman get upset during the passion play when Jesus was nailed to a cross?’
    • ‘On Sunday the 28th of March Rehearsals take place for the upcoming passion play.’
    • ‘Popular theatre celebrated the Christian tradition in nativity plays, passion plays, and paradise plays, from Catholic southern Europe to the Alps and the Rhineland.’
    • ‘In it the performance of a passion play brings out the question of artificiality when conjuring images of the divine, and the fine line separating the ‘performance’ from the evocation of the ethereal.’
    • ‘A passion play shaped by this sort of perspective would present Jesus' death as the result of his kingdom-driven ministry.’
    • ‘The power of the famous medieval passion plays came from making Christian doctrine and history visual and visceral.’


Passion play

/ˈpæʃən ˌpleɪ//ˈpaSHən ˌplā/