Definition of pass someone over in US English:

pass someone over

phrasal verb

  • Ignore the claims of someone to promotion or advancement.

    ‘he was passed over for a cabinet job’
    • ‘He was passed over for the job of Director of the State Medical Services.’
    • ‘But his severity made him unpopular with the boys and he was passed over for promotion.’
    • ‘She was passed over time and again for pay raises and promotions.’
    • ‘When Bruce is passed over for the news anchorman job he covets, he turns his gaze heavenward and curses God for his ill fortune.’
    • ‘How many times has she passed you over for a promotion?’
    • ‘In 1947, he was passed over for the post of professor of English literature at Merton College.’
    • ‘Talk to the decision makers and ask why you were passed over and what improvements are necessary for you to be considered for future promotions.’
    • ‘You passed me over for promotion.’
    • ‘The technician, who claimed she had been passed over for promotion and was being paid 30% less than her male colleagues, was awarded $37,000.’
    • ‘You want me to pass you over for promotions and pay you less for doing the same job?’