Definition of pass on in US English:

pass on

phrasal verb

  • Die.

    ‘his wife passed on twelve years ago’
    • ‘Last week there were hopes that Pake would recover from his illness, but since then he has passed on to his eternal reward.’
    • ‘The loan plus the interest is then repaid when you move house or pass on.’
    • ‘Mr. George Wickham passed on at seven-thirty this evening.’
    • ‘However, often we don't realise just how much a part these great voices are of our chosen sport until they have passed on.’
    • ‘Not just because the man passed on a long time ago, but because Fermat's Last Theorem (FLT) has actually been proved.’
    • ‘Most do not until they pass on to the next realm, and in the moment o ' death they be more powerful than ever before.’
    • ‘Colin took it way too personally and basically found it a way to make my life miserable once my dad passed on.’
    • ‘To be buried in the back garden alongside the numerous family pets who had passed on to a better place, leaving their mortal remains to push up the pelargoniums.’
    • ‘Or maybe from a family member that has ' passed on '?’
    • ‘It means that she has not passed on this earth thinking only of herself.’