Definition of pass-fail in US English:



  • Denoting a class, course, or system of grading in which the only two grades given are “pass” and “fail.”.

    • ‘In some cases, a back-of-the-envelope estimate is sufficient to make a pass-fail determination.’
    • ‘Some providers provide pass-fail scoring alone, while others provide SD index scores and graphic presentations of each result's deviation from the target value as a percentage.’
    • ‘Foster's method in this series of trials is to establish ranges for Shakespearean use of these variables, to provide a pass-fail test of authorship.’
    • ‘Law students make their limited grade option (pass-fail) elections for law courses ONLINE at the Law School Registrar's Office Web site.’
    • ‘When pass-fail decisions are being made, a skill based assessment should be ‘criterion referenced’ (that is, trainees should be assessed relative to performance standards rather than to each other or to a reference group).’
    • ‘Courses taken on a pass-fail basis count toward full- or part-time standing for purposes of financial aid and loan deferments’
    • ‘It's also the measurement used as the pass-fail standard for the test.’
    • ‘The standards, pioneered by the City of Santa Monica in California, rate 18 products on a pass-fail basis.’
    • ‘Four such panels (fourth year medical students, anatomists, clinicians, and recent graduates) were used to determine pass-fail scores for an anatomy test that was given to medical students in the fourth year of a six year programme.’
    • ‘Rather than a pass-fail system of approving financials, auditors should hand out report-card grades that reflect the quality of a client's accounting.’
    • ‘I was taking it pass-fail, along with a thesis, a graduate course, and an upper level undergraduate course.’
    • ‘These students led on-line discussion forums and chat rooms or supervised voluntary study groups, and they received either pass-fail credit as teaching interns or financial compensation.’
    • ‘Objective testing, using either a pass-fail or percentage grading system, can at the least establish whether the student can or cannot accomplish the task.’
    • ‘For example, Albany Medical College has a four year compulsory pass-fail EBM course lasting 120 hours over four years.’
    • ‘There also are significant differences in the requirements for testing ranges and repetition rate, and pass-fail criteria are much tighter under the new standard.’
    • ‘The price to pay for pass-fail is a disadvantage in the college admissions process.’
    • ‘The pass-fail option requires the signature of the student's advisor and dean.’
    • ‘My answer to her excellent question is that ‘theory of mind’, and the false belief test in particular, is designed as a pass-fail kind of test.’
    • ‘The instrument is automated and provides a pass-fail report; no test interpretation by an audiologist is required.’
    • ‘Check with your college or school for the restrictions on the number and types of courses that can be taken pass-fail.’