Definition of paskha in US English:


(also pashka)


  • A rich Russian dessert made with soft cheese, dried fruit, nuts, and spices, and traditionally eaten at Easter.

    • ‘In Russia, for example, the traditional Easter foods are a nut and fruit filled yeast cake called kulich and an accompanying sweet cheese spread called paskha.’
    • ‘The paskha is traditionally made in a special wooden pyramid-shaped mould (although a terracotta flowerpot can just as easily be used) and then decorated with dried fruit and nuts once it comes out of the mould.’
    • ‘In Russia paskha, an enriched mixture of curd cheese, spices, nuts, dried fruit, and sugar, is traditionally eaten at Easter.’
    • ‘When made from homemade cottage cheese, pashka is at its best.’
    • ‘Next to the cake was the paskha, carefully moulded in a triangular shape and also inscribed with the letters ‘XB’.’


Russian, literally ‘Easter’.